Identity and Web


FOUR DOMINO is a rap online magazine.

FOUR DOMINO comes from an observation: without a genuine musical and literary criticism, the rap in Italy will never be fully understood.

FOUR DOMINO is the ambition to create a magazine quality content based on maturity and building a culture of criticism.

For this he decided to focus on a more reasoned and lived experience, which has as its cornerstone the timelessness of the music.

FOUR DOMINO is the courage to give space to rap with tones and different languages by restoring the centrality of the role of rap music.

Iconically: is the ripple effect. Is the domino, who with a small but decisive movement, begins to bring down those wrong strongholds that strongly affect.

As in the middle ages, the FOUR were the number of moral perfection, the proportions of man.

FOUR DOMINO wants to be this: something very new, but on a human scale.